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Hello ! My family and i are moving to France. We are hopefully moving to the northern Charentes area ,and i am wondering whether im barking up the wrong tree. Im planing a mobile mechanics business ,as i was contracted to the AA at one stage of my career but since then have worked for volvo cars and currently Landrover . Not expecting to crack eggs with big sticks but get the impression that French vehicle maintenance by French garages, is of the train of thought "why fix it if it aint broke" despite poor maintenance , people getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. I here that regular preventative maintenance is unheard of, and by my own parents experience , trying to find someone to use a migwelder to fix thier split exhaust an impossibility , funnily enough on there newish Renault clio diesel. Is there a call for my skill?            citizensmith

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[quote user="MedievalCastle"]we could do with a good english mechanic round here.[/quote]Here being where ?

Why is it so many refuse or don't bother to say where they are [blink]

For all you know there might be one living in the next village but if don't say where you are nobody is going to tell you [;-)]

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