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AE out after 3 years

milkeybar kid

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I had always believed that the AE was for a max stay (stepping stone) of 3 years in the regime.

Then I was told another explanation of AE was that after 3 years your carte Vital was automatically taken away if you had not had a turnover in that 3 years of €15,000 ( could have been €14,000, I stand to be corrected here)it would not be returned to you. (Which again made sense to me, as they would by than have realised you were just using AE to get on the health system). If you had made that figure the 3 years would start again.

Sometime after I was persuaded otherwise by someone in AE who claimed he new best (perhaps he is correct?) and as he speaks more French than I do ...who was I to disagree. Well, at last I have seen it in writing you are out after 3 years (perhaps sooner). Quote: "Representative of the federation des AE Mr Novelli has said he is ready to look at changes in the scheme in the light of what they have already learnt and may, look to strike off A entrepreneurs EARLIER THAN THE PREVIOUS 3 YEARS LIMIT if they have not lodged turnover figures" End Quote. I would be grateful for some positive feed back re- there is a 3 year limit staying in AE. Thank you.MK
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There is no time limit for autoentrepreneur businesses. The people who have told you otherwise have misunderstood the rules.

If you make no declaration in a three year period, your AE registration lapses (it was previously only one year). There is (at present) no minimum turnover, so you could, in theory, declare earnings of 10€ once every three years and stay registered: "...if they have not lodged turnover figures" is the important part of Mr Novelli's statement.

If you are using AE as a means of entry into the French system your health cover would lapse, probably a year or two after your AE registration ceased in line with other employment regimes. Most autoentrepreneurs, though, are already in the French system and have a carte vitale through their main employment or similar.

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