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How to register as an Auto entrepreneur online (free video)


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If you are struggling to complete your auto entrepreneur online registration form, watch this 45 min video.


The video takes you through each section of the form explaining how to fill it in, as well as explaining the impact of your choices (health cover, income tax, social charges exoneration). The last 5 mins summarises what will happen next, once you have registered your business.

After watching the video, you should feel comfortable doing it all again on your own.

Hope this helps

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I'd really like to watch the videos but when i click on one of them, she talks for 5 seconds and then the wheel whirls around for another 10 seconds ie a 5 minute video takes 15 minutes to watch...........is there some sort of non too techy solution ?

Thanks Wilko
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Sounds like you have a slow internet service. The only work-around I can think of  is to start the video and then immediately pause it. Do summat else for a while (make a brew, play solitaire...) and it should carry on loading in the video, as shown by the line across the bottom. Once that's about half way across you can start the playback again. With a bit of luck it will play to the end before the playback catches up with the download speed. If not, try doing the same again but wait for even more of the programme to come down before you start playing.

Hope this makes sense. It's not ideal, but probably less annoying than trying to watch a whole load of 5 second snippets.

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When we were researching setting up our company I found these videos a great help.

Sadly we tried to contact the lady as we wanted to use her company. I believe she is no longer giving advise.

But all the videos are worth watching.

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