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Hi all,

We have just received our registration and Siret number from INSEE after joining the AE sysytem with our Chambres D'Hotes. We're just awaiting to hear from RSI now.

We have opted to pay Taxes and Cotisations on a quarterly basis. (going to do it on-line)

What we're confused about is that we've received a "pack" from a company called "GROUPE MORNAY" with a whole load of info in about pensions, insurances, disability etc. etc. Loads of figures, calculations etc and it has my Siret number on the info.

It looks like some kind of "advertising" to join their company but am not sure what it really is or if its relevant to our AE. Even translating it doesn't really give me any more clue's as my french is still only just passable.

Before I investigate further, has anyone else recently joined the AE and received similar information and if so, What do I need to do with it ??


Thanks for any information and help.

Kind Regards Mel.
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Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I also just received a letter from them after receiving my SIRET and SIREN number earlier in the week.  No package, just a letter stating that it is obligatory to adhere to a regime and giving me their number to contact, with a sign up sheet attached.  I looked a the website that was posted, but really am no less confused than before!

Did you adhere? Do we have a choice as to which group to go with? and are they going to send me a bill if I do adhere?

Your help is appreciated!

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