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Anyone registered AE as business adviser ?

Rose (& Greyman)

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I work mainly in UK but occassionally get

requests to give some support to clients online from France. I decided

the best way to stay legal to do this was to register as an

Autoentrepreneur as the actual work/fees involved would be minimal.

The registration all seemed to go well and I received a siret number

describing me as "Conseil pour les affaires et autres conseils de

gestion". This seemed about right. Followed by lots of papers from RSI,


However yesterday I received a letter from the impots office informing

me that I was registered under the Micro-BIC regime and the TVA regime

de base. This regime will cost me 10% extra in charges and I certainly

don't want to be TVA registered (if that's what it means). I intend to

go in to question this but would like to be pre-warned if I have missed

something. I know some professions cannot come under AE but had thought I

was OK.

Has anyone else had any experiences like this or had an AE registration refused ? What happened then ?

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Hi Greyman,

I've been registered and working in exactly the same manner since July last year. 'TVA franchise en base' means you're NOT VAT registered. So you don't pay VAT, but at the same time you don't charge it. I don't understand what you mean by the extra 10% in charges, as it's the nature of your activities that will dictate the charges under the AE regime. I pay  around 20.7%, which I believe is the norm. You only qualify for the 12% charges if you are into buying/selling goods, which as a business advisor you are not.



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