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You'd need to become licensed , for a start.

The basic information is here:


In a nutshell, in case your French isn't up to it, you need the appropriate driving license, a medical certificate, you need to hold a first aid diploma, you need to pass a three and a half hour exam, do continuous professional development of 14 hours every 5 years...

Then you get your professional card, and you have to set up your business and register.

NB, this is the procedure for a "private hire" driver, NOT a taxi, as I'm assuming that's what you're planning.
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Hmmmm....I would forget that one OP.

It is a good idea on paper but running a business is so expensive in France that the prices that you would have to offer in order to make a living would put all your potential (I am guessing...Brits) off the idea of using your services.

Then there is all that admin stuff that Betty highlighted.

Welcome to France.

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