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Varnish for wooden staircase


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We have an indoor wooden staircase as part of our main entrance, which is rapidly disappearing under the cumulative feet of people, cats and dogs. It is also extremely hard to keep clean. I have been trying to find a varnish or lacquer which could be painted on to give a nice hard-wearing finish without being slippery. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
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Hi Chrissie

Without doubt we found the " Vitrificateur " available from Mr Bricolage ideal for floors and staircases.
Sorry, I can't remember the exact name of the product but is the only one which is sold in 2 cans and has to be mixed together before application.
Superb finish and hard wearing but has to be applied within 1/2 hr of mixing.
Hope this is of some help.

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You can get a water based polyeurethane 'Vitrificator' intended for stairs etc. It's probably not as hard wearing as a 2 part product but it doesn't smell, dries in 30 mins. and you wash your brush in water. Some version dry to a waxed (cire) finish. It's made by one of the big names you find in the Bricos but I can't remember which one.


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Hi Chrissie,

There is a superb product available in the UK, but only from the manufacturer:

They are W.S. jenkins & Co. Ltd.
Jeco works,
Tariff Road,
London. N17 0EN. Tel 0208-808-2336

The product is Jenkins single pack acrylic satin floor sealer.
This goes on top of Jenkins shellac base coat.
Their technical department will help you with preparation, application and coverage data.
The finish is superb !
This is a professional product and is easy to apply/maintain/repair.

If you are in the UK and able to organise delivery I can thoroughly recommend this company.
My son is an antique furniture/piano restorer and uses their products all the time and he has recently resurfaced a friends floor using the above - with spectacular results !
Good luck with the staircase.


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Hello Mary,
I am a new member of Living France, could you please tell me if the nettoyage floor cleaning product is the brand name or if not could you give me the brand name. Could you also tell me where you can buy it. Any replies would be greatfully received. Many thanks Dorothy.
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