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Birds in the loft. How to rid of them?


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I have had birds making holes in the insulation material and nesting on the floor of the loft. They make a terrible noise early in the morning and have of course caused a degree of damage.
I do not want them there, nor wish them back. How can I keep the area free from these friendly yet noisy creatures?
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If they are nesting, there are probably eggs. You will have to wait until the young have flown and then block all gaps into your loft so the birds don't return.

We have a wren nesting high up in the barn/salon. She tweets at us every time we go in there and she also stays in her nest when Phil is sawing/drilling holes/hammering etc. We will have to delay the new ceiling until she and her family have gone. We also had to evict the owl from our grenier when we started work up there - that made me feel very guilty but there was no nest, just a pile of ****!

Are you sure you have birds in the loft and not pine martins (who make an awful din)?

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