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brilliant new DIY store


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well, 'new' to me any way. I thought we'd shopped in every brico' going but i've only just found Brico Depot. The prices seem to be at least 30% cheaper than any of the others (Brico Gite, Brico Marche etc) and the quality is fantastic. The oulets are huge and they have every thing from baths to breeze blocks. There is one in the Dordogne and a new one opened in Lot et Garonne last week...has anyone else shopped there?

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LAST EDITED ON 30-Jun-04 AT 04:52 PM (BST)

Sorry Loulabel,

The way I see it, they were built for the huge wave of Brit immigrants (yes me inc!) They have been going for a number of years now, the first one I saw was in Rennes in 1999, which soon grew so big, it moved into much larger premises and now it has outgrown even that one, especailly the materiaux section outside.

I have only been in 2 but several times and there are always plenty of Brits in them.

As most people know by now, they are the "wholesale" no frill end of the Kingfisher chain (Castorama, B&Q etc)

They can be very good but watchout for some inferior products.


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Shopped there - we practically live there . I agree that there can be some inferior products but in the main we have found products and service excellent. Their returns policy is second to none in France - money back no problem if you make a mistake or just have a surplus of bits. Their catalogue is also extremely useful.

I don't agree that it aimed particularly at the British, there are often quite a number in our nearest shop but the vast majority of customers are French and as pleased as us to see goods at a reasonable price and staff who generally know what they are selling.

Liz (29)
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