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Installing stairs


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Can someone out there help me with this?

Up to now I've done all the renovation work to the house myself and I'm about to convert the attic. It already has proper flooring supported on new floor joists and a standard loft ladder in a make-shift opening. I want to install a proper staircase in a new location which will involve making a new opening and therefore cutting one of the joists. I know it's not just a matter of cutting a hole so can anyone help and are there any web sites, etc that would show such an operation diagramatically.

Many thanks

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This not an easy job. You will need to cut one or more joists accurately in situ and add one or more trimmers to form the correct shape and size opening. The easiest way to connect the joists and trimming joists together is to use joist hangers but with old joists of no particular size you will to get the hangers made for the job.



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Hi Sasha
Just thought i would mention the actual building of the stairs.
I recentley installed our stairs useing ash which was rough cut
straight from the sawmill.
My friend a really first class chippie had to work out the
risers!and the Goings to allow the correct fit for the particular hight of the stairs a very involved business and i have great respect for those chippies out there who carry out this sort of work,so make sure you get a good tradesman otherwise you may still end up with a bungalow. All the best DJ
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