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Electrical distribution question


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I've been reading the book, L'installation électrique, regarding the different methods of getting light and power from the loft to various rooms. Am I allowed under NF C 15-100 to use a star configuation ? The book is not very clear.

To explain, without pictures, if I had three rooms each requiring two sockets am I allowed to have a single power feed from the tableau to the loft, then in a boite derivation (or boite de combles) drop three separate spurs (one to each room) with two sockets each daisy chained off each other. Make sense ?

If I can't use lots of separate spurs from a central 'distribution box' then do I have to daisy chain all the sockets up and down all the studding walls from room to room ?


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[quote]just wish I could understand enough French to buy the book from amazon.Fr Dave[/quote]

Try these two then:

"Maitriser l'Electricite", and/or "L'Electricite Pas a Pas".

Both in soft back, both mine bought from Leclerc for a few Euros, both having more diagrams than text.

With a French dictionary handy, you'll get lots from them, especially if you already have a BASIC knowledge of wiring.


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