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Building a house


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We're thinking of building a house in 46 near Gourdon and doing some costings. I've managed a few but would like some input from forum readers.

Costs are for materials only and based on a 3 bedroom single storey dwelling of approx 150m2

1: Electrics.

2: Readymix concrete, including all posible extras.

3: Ceptic tank and fittings.

4: Charges for man and digger.

Many thanks


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Hi I'm also going to be building in France (I intend to self build) I have done it before (but in England) and was wondering if we could share or exchange experiences to help each other (no fees either way).

I know much about building and will be finding out the costs of materials and the labour I will need.

I am not in your area, but it would be interesting to find out if it is worth a journey (out of area) to get certain items.


Hope to hear from you



[email protected]
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