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Woodburners and flues

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I know this comes up a lot but....

Our chimney can only take a 125 mm flue which means a small stove. However, we live up in the mountains (at 1200 metres) and need a big stove to heat our large open plan living room/kitchen.

Spoken to a local installer who insists that it's dangerous to reduce a 150 mm flue outlet to 125 mm, and also tells us that oval tubing is not flexible enough for our chimney which has a bit of a bend in it.

Looking at some of the postings on the site I see people mentioning flattening tubes, using reducers etc.

Anybody know of

(a) stoves with a power output above 8 kW with a 125 mm flue?

(b) advice on 'reducing' a larger flue to fit our chimney?

(c) expanding our chimney - only the top 90cm is 125mm wide, the other 10 metres is larger?

Any ideas gratefully recevied.


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The man is right always fit the correct size as the unit will not function correctly

and the possibility is you will have smoke coming into room when opening doors or wrong burn rate.

Check the Jotul or similar range for max outputs with 125mm flue.

last option you can fit chimney fan with the output balanced to the flue and wood burner

They are a bit pricey £550 plus but they will work
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Hi Helen  - we have just purchased a 10Kw Petit Godin wood burner which has a 125mm flue outlet. It's not a 'pretty' stove in so much as you do not have a large glass door to watch the fire through although decoratively the stove is very attractive. It also should kick out alot of heat.

There is also a 5Kw(?) available which is slightly smaller in dimensions. Just in case you were looking to buy in the UK, it's much cheaper in France.


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