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Villager Woodburner with backboiler


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I seem to remember I have read somewhere on this forum that it is illegal to use a header tank in France, if this is the case how can you have a heating system run from a woodburner with a backboiler? Any help would be gratefully received as we thought we had found the perfect heating system for us.
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Reference the Back boiler on the Wood burner.

If your insurance co are happy for you to do this be careful how you design the circuit.

If you have a sealed system with safety valve and your system is fired up,and the pump stops and you are out, the sv can vent the system dry resultng in warped boiler.

If you have open system make certain the expansion tank is large enough to keep the system refilled if the boiler is boiling over, and cold water top up can cope.and do NOT use common feed and expansion piping.

Keep the inhibitor percentage correct.

There are many other points to consider on this type of circuit and I am sure the (Brico Bandits )will fill you in with lots more details.

Personally I remember getting up at 2 am 4 am and 6 am to refill the woodburner (with a back boiler) when it was minus 8 outside to try and keep the house warm

The novelty soon wore off


PS stud just came into office and says he can think of better ways to keep warm
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Thank you very much for your advice, we just can't make up our minds which heating system to go for, I would like oil but MOH says it is too expensive and we should go for the woodburner and backboiler option but this sounds complicated to me. Any further opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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We have a Villager wood burner with back boiler running our CH in France. It is a normal vented system with header tank and works really well.

Since we do not live in France permanently we consider it a novelty having to load it with wood every few hours, cut the wood, store it until it dries etc, and it is a lot more interesting to watch than French TV. However when we return home to Wales it is also nice to have fully automatic gas CH.

If you do go for wood take care to design the system to fail safe with sufficient heaters sited to absorb the heat output of the boiler if the electricity should fail and a cold water make up with ball valve.

The thing to remember about heating systems installed in the type of houses generally bought for refurbishment is that they were installed by people with a great deal of inginuity but limited funds with little or no regard for any standards.


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