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I am installing a new water heater that will supply 2 shower rooms each with a wash basin and WC. Is there any order to run the hot and cold supplies ie do I pick up the cold for the heater near the mains? do I take the cold supply for the shower rooms after the supply to the water heater?  etc

I intend to take the hot supplies to the showerooms from a 4 branch supply just after the water heater. The hot runs are quite short.

Hope this makes sense and any comments appreciated.



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In the ideal world, you would run 2 off 16 or 18mm pipes from the stop tap to the C/E and the cold tap split off point. In the real world, and assuming your water pressure and flow is as good as normal in France, it is common to supply the cold main in 18mm almost to the C/E and then take the cold and C/E supply off in 16mm. Maintain 16mm in both hot and cold up to the point of bathroom entry, then drop to 14mm for the shower and 12mm to the sink and loo (which will need to be 10mm just before the robinette).

Ultimate flow will depend on the length of the pipes, the number of couplings and the pressure/flow from the mains.

And every installation is different...!


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