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Gas burning stoves


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We have a Godin woodburner in the kitchen which is fine.

We have now installed a smilar stove upstairs but the amount of work involved in lugging logs upstairs and the resultant debris on the floors is driving me mad.  I suffer from arthritis so cannot carry up the logs myself.

I am therefore investigating installing a similar stove upstairs but powered by liquid propane gas.  I know this would entail installing a tank outside (plenty of space) and that the running costs are high, but for the amount of time it would be used and the ease of use (I had one in the UK once) I think it would be worth it.

I have a catalogue of Godin and the gas burning stoves look exactly like the woodburners.   Do they need a chimney liner also?

Any information would be very much appreciated.

Wendy G

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Hi Wendy

You could fit an air to air heat-pump, heating and cooling from one unit, no need for gas tank or flue running costs on heating mode for every euro of electricity you get on average 4 / 5 euros of heat.

Want more info just ask or PM me

Bonne Chance

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