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Which heating??

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We are currently renovating a large barn and are looking into our heating options, of which there seem to be many. We originally thought of oil but this has been superseeded by electric underfloor heating for the ground floor. I am a bit concerned about the cost as electricity seems to be really expensive. Has anyone got an idiots guide to costings for our heating options?? I would be prepared to pay more for a more cost-effective system to be installed.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Being realistic, your best bet is to employ a consultant or a heating engineer, as there are so many variables, plus the uncertainty about energy prices at the moment.

Broadly speaking, I would say that (in running cost terms), it goes something like this, msot exopensive first; LPG, electricity, oil, wood, town gas. Of course, these are not really comparable directly as they all produce different heat.

You should also consider "green" systems such as geothermal or wood pellet - both expensive to install, but cheap(er) to run...

That didn't really answer your question, did it.

One other thing, make sure you get it right the first time, otherwise you will live to, and may freeze whilst, regretting your descision.

Helpfull, eh?

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