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Hi, im filling in a form and am struggling to complete the last box, i think i understand two of the three questions, can anyone shed any light for me.  I have checked dictionary and babelfish but to no avail.


surfaces hors d'oeuvre brutes (shob) - is this gross area

surfaces hors d'oeuvres nettes (shon) - is this the net area

what is the difference between the two, is gross including the garden?

and finally

surfaces deduites??????




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Surface Hors Oeuvre Brute (S.H.O.B.) is the sum of the floor spaces of each level of construction, including the thickness of the walls.

Surface Hors Oeuvre Nette (S.H.O.N.) is the overall surface rough of this construction, after deduction: 

a) of floor space (not included in the works) of non-habitable attics and  basements,

b) of floor space (not included in the works)of flat roofs, balconies, loggias, as well as non-enclosed surfaces located at ground floor level;

c) of the floor spaces (not inluded in the works) of buildings or of parts of buildings used or fitted for the parking of the vehicles;

(I skipped d) as it applies specifically to agricultural buildings)

e) of a surface equal to 5 % of the overall surfaces assigned to the dwelling ia a), b) and c) above do not apply.
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