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Paint "Bargin" - Mr Bricolage

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To celebrate "his" birthday, Mr Bricolage is / are offering 20% off

Dulux paints. This only applies (for reasons that I do not quite

understand) to paints mixed in store. Colours off the shelf are still

full price, but I would imagine that they would mix up stuff from this

(limited) range if they were asked politely. Runs until April 1st.

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And, always make sure you buy enough when paints are on offer. Some time ago I purchased a load of good quality Lassure at a really good price in Bricomarche (normally 60€ per pot, but down less than 20€). Got painting, needed a load more of the same so went back, purchased a load more and then found out it was back at 60€ per pot – but by then I had to get the same stuff, no choice. Their special offer had been for that day only !!


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Talking of paint.  Can anyone tell me if you can paint on internal crepie (sp) onto polystyrene (sp) sheeting.  Can't get the blasted stuff off, its been welded to the walls and don't want to paper over it.  Thought this might be a solution.  The polywhatsitsname I think is for insulation, about 2 mm thick.  Anybody tried painting or crepying it?

Many thanks


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Sorry Dotty, but as far as I know, the only way to deal with this stuff (it is a kind of insulation) is the either;

A) Paper over it (this is the easy way)

B) Scape it off (this is the hard way)

We took option B. It took months, on and off, but was worth it. As I

recall, crepi could not be applied directly to this surface.

You could try this though (no guarantee it would work, but I think it

might): paint over your polystyrene layer with high performance

wallpaper paste, leave it to dry and then crepi - the paste should

provide an imobile support. Maybe try an out of the way corner first.

Just a thought.

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