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Painting over Lime Rendering


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The external walls on our house are Lime Rendered and over the years have gone a grubby grey colour. I want to smarten the walls by painting them. I was advised by a professional UK painter to purchase Dulux Weathershield as this would allow trhe walls to breathe. I've purchased the paint and now an architect friend in France has stated that I shouldn't use Weathershield on LIme Rendering.

An emailled request for advice to Dulux bought nothing back in return. Has anyone painted their external walls with Weathershiled or similar ? All help gratefully received.


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Yes St.Astier do paints appropriate for lime renders/plasters.

Traditional Dulux emulsions etc may not be appropriate for this finish.

It is important that the right paint is used with lime based products.Your local French Brico should be able to help.




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