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Our house near Limoux has security shutters already fitted.A couple of these shutters are damaged or do not roll up.The offending shutters have no manufactures details or any installers details.Does anyone know of any security shutter manufacturers / distributers in our area?

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Roal Isoprotection Fabricant

Zone Artisanale 57245 Peltre


 .03 87 38 15 66

fax : .03 87 38 10 46

Mail :   [email protected]

 "Roal" le volet 4 saisons, fabricant,

 Aluminium-PVC-acier, moustiquaires,

 Consultez notre site...

<br>Is all I can find in Limoux, having tracked down your location, but they look like a specific brand supplier.

You could extend your search in yellow pages in English here:


Look under security and shutters.

Hope this helps a bit.


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