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Regulations for Door opening

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Our side entrance door opens inwards but is restrcited from opening more than around 65/70 degrees because the hot water boiler is fitted just inside the door - behind it.

Do regulations exist in France which state the minimum degree of opening for a door to allow full access? If so,  does anyone know where I can access the information?

We are not happy with the door as it is and will be speaking with the building company about this but would like to have some information to back up our concerns.We feel on the issue of safety it cannot surely comply but have no guidelines to check against.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The rules that apply are designed to meet public building requirements. However, if yours is a new or recently modernised building you are 'entitled' to expect a more intelligent solution to the problem of where to locate the tank - or even the door. Presumeably the chosen location for both was the least time/thought and cost option. Make a fuss very politely, and persist.
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