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Translating building permission documents


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HURAAH we have received our permission to repair our hovel's roof. Living France has done a series of lessons on translating various official documents, does anyone know if in the past there was a translation of the following?

Declaration D'Achevement De Travaux and the Declaration D'Ouverture De Chantier.

Also, once these have been sent in do we have to apply for the internal changes seperately, these include re-wiring, new floors up and down, attatchment to the sewage, (no idea what the old lady who lived there for years did as there is no loo ect!).

Have looked on this site but can't find a blow by blow account of the procedures one goes through in the order they need to be done. We are working from the UK, the mayoress is lovely but we are embarrassed to keep bugging her at every turn.

So excited...we are slowly learning French but the officialdom is beyond us. Many thanks.

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No not really. It has taken us 2+ years to get the documents right as they asked us to make changes each time. We are desperate not to make any mistakes on this one and don't undestand what it is they want on this declaration to start work. Also don't understand the fees as there are 3 of them that add up to around 1600 euros. French builder wants to get going as he has been waiting for all this paperwork. I was really looking for a whole document translation at least for the commencement until our French improves.
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Hi Rozand,

Unfortuntely your "looking forward" to a full (and free) translation may be have been a tad presumpsious.

In my humble opinion the translation provided by the forum member (who kindly took the time to reply to your query) perhaps deserved a thank you.

If you would like a 'proper' translation then I suggest you seek the services of a 'proper' translator, and pay them the going rate. You can contact me if you like and I'll try and put you in touch with someone.



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