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Wire sizing


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Hi everyone

I am installing our new cooker soon which has a gas hob with an electric fan oven. Am I right in saying that as it only has an electric oven I can use 2.5mm wiring and 20 amp socket with a 20amp disjoncteur. Does it need to be wired to the AC or A interrupteur?

Thanks for all help.


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In theory yes.

It depends of course on the load of the oven, for example it would be no good for a 5 kw oven, I think your good upto 3 kw, anything over and you need 6² cable and 32 amp disjoncteur.

I am assuming you will not be needing a conseul inspection ? , since the 32 amp Type A circuit is required as a minimum standard installation whether or not you install an electric hob or not.

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For peace of mind, taking into account the extra cost, (minimal), I'd go for 6 mm sq and 32A disjoncteur, through the Type A RCD. I've also NOT used a socket, but a proper French cooker connection.

It's what I've done, taken straight from "L'Electricite, Pas a Pas".


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