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We have had a quote from our builder to remove the moss from the roof.  The roof doesn't look too bad to me but there is a green tinge when viewing from afar.  Anyway he has quoted 8.99€ per square metre and has said the roof is 106 sq m, which equates to 960€ plus 5.5% TVA, a total of just over a 1,000€.  He is using a chemical as he says the treatment is effective after 90 days.

This sounds like a lot to me.  Is it an 'Engish' price?  [;-)]  Would anyone care to comment.

"Démoussage d'une toiture en ardoises (efficacité du produit 90 jours après application)"



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You can get the chemicals and do it yourself with a decent pressure sprayer and a ladder.  This is the season to do it as the chemical sprays are on offer in all the sheds.  Cost us 50 euros for the chemicals to do 200sqm. at a heavy 'curative' dosage level.  Took one morning to spray the roof.  Is your man going to manually scrape the moss off first or just spray it?  If just the latter, it does not sound very good value.  If you have a heavy moss infestation it is generally recommended to either scrape or pressure wash the roof before applying the chemicals.

Interested to hear about the lime alternative - hydrated lime?  Any staining on terracotta type tiles?

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Thanks, Cassis.

I was reminded of this obvious danger during September.

Took over a new pressure washer, 160 bar, 560 litres/minute. Kicks your wrist quite hard with the turbo lance in play!

Despite the immense energy, moss on a front retaining wall was still hard to remove........................

My own experience tends me to say that any gathering of moss above the slimy stage needs good old fashioned elbow grease rather than powered equipment, unless both the surface and the substrate are in excellent condition when professional level kit can obviously perform well, all provided it has sufficient "grunt" and a long enough usage cycle. (Despite the quite high spec of my washer, after 30 minutes of continuous use, the thermal overload switch cut in!).

Also tried some moss remover from Brico Depot on newish plastic gutters. Only moss stained not covered. Waste of time and money. In the end, we did the job by hand with a scrubbing brush and some common household bleach! Hard graft for 220 feet run in strong sunlight and an ambient temp of 85 degrees![:-))] Result was worth it, though.[:D]


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