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Please - Where can I buy twinwall flue liner for my woodburner?


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Hi, I need to buy some 8" (200mm dia) twinwall flue liner & fittings to install my woodburner on an internal wall then through the celing & small roofspace in our annex, without the opportunity to use an existing chiney

I know how & where to buy the components in the UK, but it seems daft to bring it all the way back from there.

I have not seen any twinwall flue or fittings in any of the various DIY outlets/sheds in the Poitiers (86) area, and would very much like to source it locally.

Any suggestions on retailers or inetrnet suppliers in France would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,



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Try a plumbers merchant/builders merchant or somewhere similar. They are definitely around as my plumber will be fitting one for my boiler flue in a few weeks. Prices have increased significantly for these things 1/Aug - as my plumber mentioned this so purchased the sections before then (thus I have a bit of confidence it might get installed this year).

That said, I'm not sure what diameter he is installing.

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     ok you can get them in most of the brico`s  ,you might see a sample on the wall somewhere in the shop but you will have to order it and the price is silly money  very expensive. its far easier and cheeper to use "bwassos" not how you spell it ,it`s a block for building a chiminey.

       hope this helps


 there is a bit of a pic here http://s83.photobucket.com/albums/j311/daveolive/

but after i renderd them

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