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It will depend on how good your wiring is at present. If each room has it's own mcb, no problem. Just find the cable feeding the room, trace it to a junction box, and wire in a couple more sockets as spurs. IIRC, the maximum number is 8 per room, (well, per mcb/fuse, anyway), but don't quote me on that, my books on the subject are in France[:(]

However, if the wiring isn't up to much, not the right gauge, lots of sockets on one circuit already, you'll have more work to do.

You COULD swap one or tywo single sockets for doubles, as I've done, but be careful not to overload the wiring. It should be 2.5mm sq and via a 20A mcb (Again, IIRC) or a 16A fuse, and no more than EIGHT sockets per mcb/fuse.

If fitting double sockets, buy some cable too: French doubles need links fitting from one socket to the other[;-)] 2.5mm sq, remember. You'll want red, (or black, or brown), blue and green/yellow.


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