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Door Linings?


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Can somebody pls confirm if I can buy internal door linings from the likes of Castorma/Bricodepot etc?

I had removed an internal door but the frame is no longer, & I wish to reuse the door in another simple opening.

I quite like to look & robustness of the existing softwood door linings - can I buy one somewhere?, as I have not readily seen them on the shelves?

Many thanks in anticipation.


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A door lining is no more than 6 peices of two different planed sections and is fairly easy to make, by hand if necessary and will usually be cheaper (that is if you could find one to buy here) if you buy unplaned wood and cut and plane it to size.

Sometimes we need to go back to basics in this country (that a lot of us appreciate for being 20-30 years behind England) and ask - what would I (or my Father) have done then, before the ready availability of things in DIY sheds.

This is exactly what a French carpenter would do if asked for a door lining set from an English customer.

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