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Heated Towel Rail - where to buy?


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Following on from my "Tiling Disaster" thread, the company in question has also let me down w.r.t. the heated towel rail which they installed. I've never heard such garbage in my life, the thing does not work at all, and the salesgirl told me on the phone today that she is "not allowed" to call the supplier, not until they have issued an invoice, which they can't do until the installation is complete and we have paid, which of course we're not going to do until the tiling is sorted out (which could take months).

In the meantime my gite is solidly booked until mid-April and onwards, and we have guests arriving on Saturday - to a house with no heating at all in the bathroom!!!!

So I am going to tell them that we are going to remove the towel rail which they installed and I am going to get another one. Can anyone advise where I can get one from, to take away immediately? The problem is that I am back in the UK and will have to order online or by telephone, and get my electrician handyman to take delivery or pick it up. I thought the obvious choice would be brico depot but they don't seem to have their products on their website.

Anyone know where I can get one? (Please don't say Lapeyre or I will slash my wrists). 

Thanks guys!

(PS. I am looking for one of those chrome ladder jobbies).

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Just because it doesn't work does not mean that it is faulty, and in any case I cannot see what a call to the supplier would resolve unless thay/you know exactly what the problem is.

After you mentioned the electrician I am assuming that it is an electrical heated rail, is it connected properly? is there voltage present? is the thermostat correctly set ao working? ask your electrician to do a continuity test on it.

In your shoes I would not do anything that Lapeyre may use against you.

Good luck

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