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15 mmm copper piping


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Dear all

Have seen the suggestion that I try CEDEO for 15 mm copper piping - thanks - and think I've found what I need - copper piping and elbow joints, 15 mm, to be soldered - but I don't want to send my Dad on a wasted journey to Caen - is it the sort of thing that they will always have in stock do you think? (Yes he could phone but not always very easy!).

So I can double check does this sound like the correct translation of what I'm after - I'd like to avoid having to buy it in the UK and posting it to France for him if I can (as he assured me that you can't buy it in France?!) ...

raccord courbe SUDO 90 degrees Femmell femell pour tube pression diam: 15 2aCu/5002A

for the elbow joint

tube cuivre demi dur 13/15 barre de 2ML

for the piping

Merci et bon journee!

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Unless you are trying to patch a very old section of 15 mm why do you need any ?

Buy a couple of 1/2 / 15 mm compression Fittigs in the UK. The buy a couple of 1/2 to 16mm or 14mm in France. Once you have used half tof each of the UK fittings to get to French sizes you can pick everything up lowcaly

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