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Replacing broken smelly toilet?

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We really need to replace our downstairs toilet - it's gross! &  is a vertical evacuation type, so drains down through the floor.

Whilst I can buy one easily enough in the usual DIY sheds, is there any special knack required in fitting the replacement?, Do they come with seal(s) to join the existing soil pipe etc?, are the more expensive toilets complete with pre-assembled cistern mechanisms?

I was hoping to pick one up on Thursday evening, & would like some small comfort on doing this myself..!

As for using my French plumber, well yes, for all of the other major works, but he cannot come for this pre-cursor operation for a long time..bugg*r!

many thanks,


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Shouldn't be a problem.  Yes you can get seals for the pipes, you could have more of a problem if the old pipe is a different diameter (smaller) than the outlet on the loo.  Normally just lubricate the seal with washing up liquid and it all slips together
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I've seen seals for these, and others (right angled, straight, kinked etc), in the DIY sheds. A large backward sloping internal neoprene seal at one end, with a series of fluted external seals at the other. DO lubricate well, fit to loo first, drop/slide loo into place, job's a good'un.

One of the things about these sorts of loos is that when fixing you can mark through, then SWIVEL the loo from side to side to drill, place plugs etc, without ever breaking the seal again[;-)]

Remember to use stainless screws to screw it down too.


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We have just done ours and it was in a terible state. Almost 1/2 blocked both in the out from the loo and the pipe into the floor. The 4 inch pipe finished flush with the floor and a short length of smaller pipe had been glued into it and the end 'swaged' out so the loo fitted (well nearly?) and then it was 'sealed' with some kind of non setting mastic. We had to cut and bash the swaged pipe out and fit a proper adaptor and glue that in place. Not the type described above, but one with a white plastic pipe that was  fitted and glued into the pipe in the floor and slot the loo into that. I was advised to use an organic veg oil based washing up liquid as 'fairy' types are mineral based and will rot the seal eventually???

I am glad to say that the new one doesn't block [+o(]!!!

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