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Filling in an old Fosse Septic


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There is lots of stuff on the Forums about putting in a new Fosse, but I can't find anything about filling in the old redundant one.  Has anyone done this?

Our new fosse is finally up and running now but I'm not sure what to do about the old one.  If it were not actually under our house (under the utility/washroom room) I would just leave it alone.  Do I have to empty it and then fill it up again with Sand/Water/Cement? 

Many thanks

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thanks for all the advice folks.

Job Done now.  Very nice man with a tractor and large tank emptied it all and cleaned it all out.  Turned out it was only 1000l ... no wonder we were having problems.

I filled it back in with the cheapest small stones I could find and put a concrete top on. 

NO MORE SMELLS [:D] fantastic... should have done it last year...

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