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Taking on renovation project

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'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, you're in the right place then matey[:D]

Seriously, you can either plough through LOADS of stuff on here, with new threads on the same, and different things, occurring daily, use the search for specific queries that might have been discussed already, or ask a specific question.

All will get good results.

DO be careful about technical questions though: you will get conflicting answers in some cases, so a search, reference to printed literature etc are the way forward.

Be prepared to wait for replies on some queries, the "experts" aren't always on here.

And DO continue to post in good English if you don't want your threads sidetracked[;-)]

Our property is in the Limousin, specifically in the SW corner of 87, the Haute Vienne, almost in 24, Dordogne.

Welcome to the forum, btw.


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Hi Thanks so much for getting back to us, I do realise that was a very general, and as time go's on I am sure more specific problems will arise I wil go straight to them. Basicly Four of us, that's my wife and myself and my wifes cousin and husband are very sreious about taking on and living in possibly your region, one property thats caught our eye is on "and I quote" is A house and three barns to renavate in a pretty Hamlet in the North-West of La Creuse. Once again many thanks and all the best.
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Hi, We live in Nth Creuse & finished our renovations nearly 3 years ago. As previously mentioned, you should find a lot of answers on the forums. If your thinking of converting barns, don't forget you need permission, getting of which is an adventure in itself & that's before you start the work, plus depending on size, you may have to have plans drawn up by a French architect.   Do you plan to do all the work yourselves?  If not, make sure you employ fully registered/insured artisan with references.

Good luck.

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