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Fosse Installer Near Bergerac

Robert H

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We received a shock this morning via fax. It was a devi to install our fosse. We already have one (3,000ltr) but we had a meeting with the SPANK people who said that because of the alterations being done, we need another of the same size, plus two bac à graisses (500ltr), two pumps and new filter bed.
The devi that came this morning has quoted a price of 18,900 euros (incl TVA).
I think I need to get more quotations.
Does anyone know of any installers in the Bergerac area please?

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Hi we have just had a new tank fitted, 4000ltr with 500l Bac A Graisse no pumps, the total cost for the whole project came to 4170Euros, and this included removal of 3  trees and the front area of the house leveling. We live 35mins south of Bergerac at St Livrade Sur Lot.If you need a full break down of the cost please Email me.

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We have just accepted a devi for a new fosse.

We are getting 3000 ltr tank, 5x 5 filter bed, bac a graisses, two manholes, 500 2m of densely wooded area grubbed up and left clear, and fosse is sited approx 40m away from the house all for € 6250 including vat at 5%. We thought that was a good price.

Our installer is based just north of Perigueux

If you are interested, send me an email and I will let you have his details


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