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Morning all,

My electicity counter is near the front of the property at the road, with the house set back 30m, is it possible to branch off this feed (which is under ground) and run a feed into my garage where I will put a separate tableau or do I have to run the line directly from my main tableau in the house? if it is possible what do I have to do?



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What is the difference between the "inter" of which you speak and a disjoncteur or interrupteur? I want to run a feed from my main tableau into the barn to a secondary tableau for the workshop, do you advise an inter in the main tableau and disjoncteurs in the secondary? I was considering 6mm sq wiring, would this be overkill or would 2.5mm sq be adequate? It will be just for normal domestic DIY tools.

many thanks, Steve

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An "inter" is just a switch, it has no "tripping" facilities. They tend to be 63A (far higher than the pass rating of any DD) and cheaper than a comparitively rated ID.

And, as I say above, are part of the regs.

In the main tableau, one would fit as many ISs as necessary, then in each sub tableau an appropriate number of IDs and DDs. Depends enirely on the application, however!

As far as cable rating is concerned, it depends on the distance. 6mm would give you a max of 40A or 6900W over less than 20M, for example. (but at 100M, less than 3600W).

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