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PVC Sheets


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Ive been looking for quite a while for Sheets of white PVC, 2-3mm thick, either 30x200 or 120x200, like tha angle beeads you can buy for around windows, but none of the sheds seem to sell it, and the builders merchants dont seem to believe that I would need it. Does anyone have any ideas?


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If you have a Sainthimat near you they sell a Belgium made extruded product that you click apart, scribe to length and click together again at an angle of 90 degrees, when finished it effectively masks the window reveals and makes a mitred frame around the inside face of the plastered or plasterboarded wall.

I hope that you can make some sense of that, to me it was a really clever product but pricey, FWIW I have never seen French window fitters use or carry any of the finishing extrusions that their British counterparts do despite the fact that removing windows here does far more damage to the interior decoration than in England.

Another suggestion is to try several brico-depots near you, I recently bought some 100mm by 3mm flat extrusions from Amiens together with some cache rainures that I couldnt use, I was unable to get a refund at the Arras depot as they didnt stock them, they were not in the catalogue for the Amiens store I found out about them whilst chatting to the guy there.

Most Brico-depots sell ailes de recouvrement, which are listed but not illustrated in the catalogue, i dont think that they will do what you want but ask to look at them.

Finally if you do find a supplier of UPVC glazing extrusions please post the details here;

good luck

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