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Questions - Buying & Living on Property in France

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Thought i would give my current situation and then the questions:

I am currently at uni, i am planning on buying land in france along with my parents although the house will go in my name so there are no tax implications of owning a second property for my parents and i would pay them back. Eventually there will be a house built on the land, and i hope to be able to move into it after university, however i will be renting it out while also staying in the property on either a seperate part of the house or a mobile home. This is so i can be there to clean up after guests etc drive them around also.

My Questions:

Are there any tax implications of me as a student owning a piece of land or house in france?

What are the costs of owning land in france that isnt lived on?

What are the costs of owning a house in france that isnt lived in?

What are the costs of owning a house in france that is lived in/rented out?

What are the general living costs for living in france?

How would income tax on rental profits be paid if i am living in france and the profits are going to me, im assuming since i would own the house and live in a part of it or near it that it would just go through french income tax and not the french and UK?

1 final thing, when people say notaires fees are 7% does this include the land tax paid to the french government, just i was asking about buying property and someone mentioned this.

Really appreciate the help!!

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Once you get to age 22 in France and earn even a weekend wage, it has to be declared officially and tax paid where due - my student daughter had to declare for previous years since 18 and we have opted to pay her tax if it is deemed due this year so be careful but this is in France and if the poster is still inthe UK it may be different there.
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Should also add that all the expenses in France-water,electricity,phone,rates MUST be in your name not your parents otherwise the UK authorities will consider your parents own it not you.
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