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lump of oak


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Hi all

Ihave been offered a lump of oak, 4 meters long x 45cm x 45 cm although felled may years ago has been left to the elements for at least 8 years, what I need to know is roughly how much is it liable to weigh as I need to transport it back home, could I put it on a trailor or will I need a large van?

Many thanks



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The answer is surprisingly heavy.  The volume is 4 * .45 * .45 = approx 0.81 cubic metres

Oak has a density between 590 to 930 kg per cu. M

so you are dealing with anything from 478 to 753 Kilos. 

As well as a van I think I'd get some mates to help too!

EDIT:  Anton beat me to it!

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Oak weighs between 700kg to 1000kg per cubic meter depending on factors such as density and moisture content. Your oak comes in at 0.9 cu. m. so say 650-900kg as a guide weight


Edit - you both beat me to it. At least we all agree its ruddy heavy

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[quote user="Jonzjob"]

[quote user="Anton Redman"]No rupture is what any spare part such as drive belts always are when I try and buy them in France.[/quote]



"Have you got a belt/pully/grommet/bracket/vital-piece-of-metal-without-which-I'm-stuffed?"

"Désolé nous n'avons rien en stock, il ya une rupture dans la fabrication"

All-purpose word for a breakdown in the supply chain


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Which in my experience means we have reserved your items but  are waiting for other orders as we dont want to pay the delivery charge.

Otherwise known as the recurring "Mercredi prochain" syndrome.

I have been waiting over a month for 3 dauphins from Point P, every time I go in I get the "Mercredi prochain", the last time I insisted that they phone the supplier and I could actually hear them discussing the delivery problem, the response this time was "pas avant vendredi procahin" which of course means nothing and I am still waiting.

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