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High Velocity Air Conditioning


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Hi there,

We're considering installing one of these systems but can't seem to find any French installer's sites, to get some idea of installation cost.

Anybody got any experience with this stuff?  Has it even made it across the pond?




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We have a very different sort of aircon in France, no large metal ducting, no noisy fans.

Its a naturally aspirated type of system with controllable openings in the walls which allow ambient air to enter / leave. Its a very low energy system which costs nothing to run. When combined with a higher temperature source it gives an almost infinite range of operating modes.

It can get reasonably noisy at times but you get used to birdsong after a while, it can even be soothing to a degree.

We call it windows (but not by Microsoft) and fires.    [:D]

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Yes I agree - th faster you move the air the noisier it gets.  However from what I've read if the system is properly installed then the sound insulating ducts do their job well.


I would like to hear from anybody who has it installed though. 

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