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diy store in perpignan / carcassonne?

king karl

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Hi guys,


Iv bought a holiday home Nr Axat, im a builder by trade and want to change the bathroom / kitchen.


Im bringing the kitchen with me as i get cheap deals, question is the sink comes with a one off trap that incorparates the overflow, i gather french waste pipe doesnt fit.... anyone have any ideas for a way to connect up.


Also is there any big diy stores in perpignan / carcassonne? Im looking for a self serve like b&q as i dont speak a word of the lingo.


Im also bringing a trailer, only for 10 days but are there any issues i need to know about, i hear they need there own insurance etc, is this the case on uk plates




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Possibly the cheapest and one of the biggest in the area is Brico Depot, in the Claira Zone Industrielle, just N of Perpignan.

It is just S of the D83 going E towards the coast (Le Barcarès turning) from A9 interchange No. 41. About 1 Km. from the Autoroute.

It's pretty busy, especially weekends.


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We drive a long way through the Corbieres 11, to go to Brico Depot, take a picnic and make it a day out. And we always go there when we take and pick up friends at Perpignan airport.......the best place around.  A bit chaotic but plenty of staff and stools and trolleys to sit on, toilets, drinks etc. 

Re the wood.  Ask in your town hall first.  I do not know if your villge is large or small but most have a wood for the locals. Sometimes you are allowed to take wood from here but more likely is that they have a local preferred wood cutter who they will be able to put you in touch with. Keep themoneyin your village!!  Around this area there is a lot of Chene Vert which is the oak that has small dark green leaves and is evergreen.  Do not get confused by being offered bois vert which is newley cut wet wood.  Dry Chene Vert is great, but newley cut wet wood is for putting aside in a dry place for next winter now.

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Re your waste pipe. A French one should fit OK any Brico place will do them. There is a place next to Champion supermarket just as you exit Quillan comeing from Axat. There is also a proper builders merchant there. There is another builders merchant just past the rugby ground in Quillan on the right. For your wood it's either Lapradelle on the left on the Perpignan road and they charge delivery or in the direction of Quillan on the right just past the Auberge (which is on the left) at Belvianes et Cavirac. It's not cheap round here I am afraid 60 Euros per cubic metre but the guy at Belvianes may throw in free delivery for cash.

There is Tredome (think that's its spelling) at Carcassonne near the airport. Other than that it's Perpignan. Brico Depot used to close at lunch time (don't know if it still does) where as Leroy Merlin does not so leave at 9:00 do Brico Depot first then cross town to Leroy Merlin, spot of lunch then home. As somebody said it's not like the UK where the DIY shop is just round the corner so you have to plan your trips down to the last nut and bolt, literally. Good luck.

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