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Signed final contract for apartment!

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Recently got back from a holiday in France, during which we signed the final contract, and paid all the money that had built up while waiting for the problem with the swimming pool to be resolved. So roll on next March, when we'll move in for up to half the year - mainly winter, with some springtime and autumn - summer will be too hot for us, and I can be busy in my Berkshire garden. 

(For new readers, we are buying a new-build apartment,due to be handed over next March, and discovered on receiving the final contract in May that the pool was to be moved. As it would have been directly in front of our apartment, we refused to go to sign on the original agreed date, and waited with some trepidation for the decision to be made - all those who had already signed had to agree, and the wait went on for several weeks! Eventually they had to keep the pool in the original place.) 

It's all very exciting - so thought I'd like to share it with you. We are really grateful for the help and support we've had - and expect there'll be more needed as moving date approaches.

We also signed our community marriage contract, and opened our French bank account while there. That was far more long-winded than we had ever imagined, with an impressive array of forms to be signed. It was a little Clouseau-esque, and continues so, with frequent letters and emails from our English-speaking contact at the bank. 13 letters and packets to date in 2 weeks, and loads of emails. 

  Best wishes, Jo


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Congratulations !

Don't make too many plans for early next year however. When we did the same as you a couple of years ago we were given a completion date of February 2006.  In fact it ended up being 20th July by the time it was handed over.  Well worth the extra wait however, but we were very glad we hadn't taken any bookings to let it for last summer.

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