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building an abri de jardin

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This house is in a protected area and the word has gone out that there will be no more wooden abris de jardin, but that something in parpaings with a tiled roof, with a crepi painted to match the house is ok. So, can anyone please give me an approximate cost for building a small shed of say 4 metres by 2 metres with a tiled roof (modern tiles). Or a cost per sq metre for such simple structures, svp?

Thank you.

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2.5       Height            2.2 at sides to 2.8 at gable               

2          Width                          

4          Length                         

30        Wall Area                            

1.3       Roof            Say                 

10.4     Roof Area                            


200.00 2 Man Days            Foundation /Floor                   

300.00 5 Man days     € 1.00            Parpainngs       10 per square metre

150.00 2 Man Days    € 5            Morter & Render            per square metre

135.20 1 Man day       € 13.00            Tiles            Square Metre

150.00 3 Man days     Wood for Roof                      

80.00            included          Door               

216.00            included          Two Windows                      125 by 120


1231.20            15 Man days                

Very rough, tiles could be a little less or hugely more.


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Obviously this depends on if you are going to do all or part of it yourself or pay someone else for the complete structure.

I also live in a protected area and had to comply with the regulations similar to those you describe.

I paid an artisan to do the foundations and walls and completed the rest of the work myself. It cost me around €5000 for a structure 4m x 3m.


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