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Bathroom 'sortie de cable' for heater - minimum height ?


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Hi  - I'm just trying to make sense of the normes..

I'm putting a towel heater on a wall directly opposite a shower (about 1m away - it's a small room!). It will sit almost directly above a WC and I'm wiring a 20A circuit (disjoncteur) directly behind the WC. Directly to the left of the left edge of the heater (around 25cm, although the 'sortie' would sit nearer 80cm from the sink..) is the right hand edge of the sink.

The cable of the heater comes out of the bottom right corner of the unit, close to the WC cistern (it's a 'ladder' type with a thermostat also attached here).

Where to put the 'sortie de cable' ? Some of the zoning diagrams appear to imply it needs to go very high up ? So why the cable leaving the heater at the bottom right, meaning loose flex running exposed upwards ? My ideal would be to locate it quite low down, behing the WC pan, say 30cm from the ground..

I'm a little confused and would greatly appreciate some guidance..

Many thanks!

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It just looks neater, and is the norm as opposed to meets the normes.

When I have fitted them in the way that I was used to fitting a switched one in the UK the consuel inspector remarked "how bizarre".

I also have a suspicion that a whilst a heater may have an IP rating allowing it to be used in a protected zone the sortie de cable doesnt, this was certainly the case with my meuble d'evier, I had malcalculated the height and the sortie de cable was above the mirror and hence accessible, it was listed as un defaut by the inspector  and I had to to move it to get the certificate.

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[quote user="Anton Redman"]Sorry brainfade is is obligatory to place the boite de connection behind the convecteur in a bathroom (page 229 L instalation electrique)[/quote]

Is this really 100% the case ?? It's a 'ladder' type 'seche serviette' and not a convector.. Nothing in the instructions other than positioning the 'sortie' at least 25cm off the ground.. ?

I could really use a definitive answer as currently I'm positioning it behind the WC in the box work surrounding the flexi soil pipe - be it 28cm of the ground..

This could be a bit of a nightmare as I've already layed all the large tiles on the wall, and this would mean running surface mounted wire..  :o(

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