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Drainage and Fosse Septic


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I have received a bill from the Marie for 'raccordement' which I have been told is a connection to the main drainage system.  To the best of my knowledge our house is not connected to the mains.  We have a fosse septic for the toilet but all 'grey' water appears to drain away through ground channels.  The system works very well, we have not had any problems in almost 8 years (maison secondaire visited 3-4 times a year).

The mayor says he will get a commune worker to visit and advise what is required and not to pay the bill yet!

Do we legally HAVE to connect to the mains for water or toilet ot both?  Can we refuse and continue as we are?

Is this a question for a notaire or is that a waste of money?

Any advice is welcome, we are in Haute Vienne.

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Hello, I'm no expert but I would imagine that the issue is that new regs. require an 'all waters' system and communes are apparently to systimatically apprase all systems to ensure complience, again I believe, due to the size of the task, this is usually done when a planning application is submitted, maybe they have time on their hands! 
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