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External metal staircase: where to source?


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I'm looking to source an external metal staircase for a house located at 1,600 metres, hence potentially lots of snow and ice in winter. As such I'm looking for the type that look as though they'd take your skin off if you scraped yourself on them!

Does anyone have any ideas of who makes this sort of thing and even better, where I could source it? I'm looking for either a company who trades online (or at least has a decent web site), or who is situated in the Languedoc area (specifically we're in 66).



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I would speak to demolition contractors as metal fire escapes come out from time to time and would be ideal.

A few years ago I saw a load of steel spiral staircases (Military Barracks) being flat packed with a long reach grapple on a 30 tonne machine rather than taking them down carefully (Cheaper and safer some would argue) Smaller demo contractors may be prepared to allow someone they consider competent to disassemble one or maybe strip out for you for a fee?

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