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Tree Fellers ( not the Irish version)


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i was recommended an ex pat who came and examined the work i needed to be done.....namely the removal of 2 fairly high poplars (sic) near the house.

i was told i needed a tree climber not a tree surgeon.

i had tried contacting the pas de calais tree surgeons in yellow pages, but without reply

in the end i transported 2 east sussex tree fellers out who dis the job and welcomed a days work and a bbq

if you want the details of  the ex pats, but properly reqisered, email me


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[quote user="Clair"]I've heard you can find Marie in every town and village in France... She does get about!

She also can be found in the Hotel de Ville in he larger towns. Not sure about the star ratings of these places though and they tend to close late and not open at the weekend?

But, the Mairie may be able to help you find her?[blink]

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Sorry, don't know of any in your area.

I've been very surprised at the cost of having trees cut down or trimmed. In the grounds of our apartment block are a number causing a problem at the pool. It should really have been dealt with by the builders last year, and is a growing(!) problem.

The quotes were astronomical, and it has caused a lot of bad feeling amongst residents. Some want several lovely trees cutting down, and others cut back a lot. They say that cutting moderate amounts would mean repeat visits over the next few years.

It is said that calling them out to cut high trees is huge, plus insurance in France for this work is very high. We've had work done on trees in UK with fully insured tree fellers, but haven't found the cost prohibitive.

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