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Garden Retaining Wall Construction


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It's not so much renovations, as sorting out a wall in the garden. Our

house is on a 'terraced' hill side, not very steep but still requiring

some attention. The bottom of our garden has a natural rough bank

dropping down c. 5 metres to the field below. We'd like to have some

sort of retaining wall built to reclaim the land lost to the bank (the

garden isn't big anyhow) and provide better boundary definition. Length

wise its 15 metres in a straight line by the 5 metres high mentioned


We're not capable of building this ourselves and are a little

apprehensive of the sort of costs we'd be looking at for this sort of

project. Before we (potentially) waste local builders' time as well as

our own can people share their knowledge of potential solutions as well

as some sort of indication of the potential cost.

Location wise is in Les Angles, which is a ski resort village in the Pyreneese (66).

Many thanks,


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For starters, I guess a near vertical reinforced concrete wall would set you back more than you paid for your house. A steel sheet pile wall - a bit less, but access for the big crane may be difficult.

A completely off-the-wall suggestion:

If you want to better define your boundary, how about 5 or 6 vertical well braced steel sections each about 5 metres high and embedded in concrete holes at the foot of your slope just inside the boundary line. Span across from your main garden level to a capping beam across the top of the steel columns and build a wooden deck on top which would extend outwards right up to your boundary. You might want to get some sort of deep rooted plants or other restraint to keep the slope in place under your deck.


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Love the decking idea....hadn't thought of that at all! The Gabions are an interesting one an by co-incidence I emailed a couple of UK suppliers about it a few hours ago. I also don't find them ugly. I got a quote in today from a local building company to build a rock wall using those boulders which are so big you nead heavy machinerary to move them....17,500 euros they wanted...

Has anyone any experience of using the gabions?

Keep the ideas coming....we're on a roll!

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Big Mac is rocking along here now! Like the sleeper option. I've done a little work on that and had asusmed I'd have to have at least two tiers. I noticed one of your pics incorporated two tiers but in effect on butting up to the other hence using as little overall space as possible. Like it. I was thinking more along the lines of vertical sleepers / lengths of wood cemented into the ground with a suitable backwards inclination (6 / 10 degrees)and then horizontal sleepers laid infront and attached to the verticals behind them. The reality is is probably wouldn't be old sleepers, rather new but treated wood from Point P who are just down the road.

Right now, decking, gabions or 'sleepers' are on the shortlist.

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