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can i ask what most people use.

i have a large pile of freshly cut wood which is sitting on the drive under a tarpaulin.

it will need a year or so to dry out and i wondered what folks would recommend?

the french obviously well experiance seem to have perfectly built stores



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You can keep the wood outside as long as it has a tarp over the top, it is not necessary to have an expensive wood store.  Let the air circulate around the wood  and remember it's as bad to let it get too dry, as it is to use it wet.You can buy a  humidity tester for around 30 Euros. A good target is around 14/15%. By the way Ash is probably one of the only woods that you can burn green.
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Around here, they pile it up in the open like a big tepee (as in red indian tent).  No covering for them, but otherwise I guess that it fulfills the requirements that Nick advocates.

I'm lucky - previous owner had built a wood store (10 stere capacity) which is open to the north and thus dries nicely with the Mistral, so I can stack it conventionally.  My 20 mth old oak stock burns like hell with good heat.

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Our French Friends tell us that we should season any wood for at least 3 years and that  you only need to protect the top of the pile from the rain and snow during the winter months

Most seem to cut it to 1/2 metre lengths while it is seasoned and then cut again in half. Larger pieces over 8 inches diameter are split length ways and even larger pieces quartered.

A favorite stacking style seems to be to arrange the top layer like roof tiles so the rain runs off

Hope this helps


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