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Advice please re staircase


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Don't know what sort of thing you want but a mate in the UK recently bought and installed himself a circular staircase (from memory 1.2 M diameter 'cuz that's what building regs say) and it was way over £1000.  Seen similar here in Brico Despot and Leroy Merlin for way under  €1000.


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You could pay  with an Excess card and then stop repaying.

Then give them 20 quid a month interest free.

I would do it...

They aren't interested in repossession of a barrel, and they would be  amazed that I paid  anything given that they have no real idea where  I am.

Given my short life expectancy I hope it would  be two fingers up to the bank( as opposed to any other organ) on my death bed [:P]

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