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[quote user="Sunday Driver"]

Greetings...I am Dr Englebert NewtoFrance and I am a high official in the Dordogne Chateau Owners Club

...I have heard that you are trustworthy person, so I want to offer you 25% if you will give me £10,000 to cover travel expenses, plus your bank account details and PIN number....


[:'(] Oh please let it not be true!!!
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I was expecting this wind up was about  to end with the papers being put on the Marie notice board with a view to getting further information on them .... and......... after the resulting gun battle when it was discovered it was a list of who dobbed in who  for collaberating with the Gestapo.... there was now whole village up for sale .....anyway nice to know the painting of the madonna is safe !
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I found something in my attic, it looked very old and valuable so I took it to an expert for appraisal.

He knew at once what it was and told me it's value.......................




















It's a bl00dy hot water tank and it's worth s0d all.......................[:D][:D][:D]


Pssst: Don't tell anyone please

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No I think it is true and to prove the point, I am willing to offer at least €0.86c per bottle TTC  for that very old no good wine. I do of course expect a receipt and to have the 40 or so bottles delivered by Santa. Any chance that one of the documents has next weeks Euromillions winning number.



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